Posted by: Josie | January 7, 2009

Summer holidays

As I am a teacher, I get lots of holidays.. At the moment I am bored of them, as Dooley is still working and does not get as many holidays as I do. Damn him. I know that soon I will be whinging about the state of my new grade 6 class. In a catholic primary school. I swear a year ago I decided to never again teach in a catholic school.. me not being catholic and all…. .but it was a teaching job in a fairly good area and I was starting to have my doubt about nannying and the family…

So my holidays can consisted thus far of : Copious amount of unashamedly watching Dawsons Creek from Series One through to 6. Currently I am halfway through series three…

Checking out new gyms.. and proceeded to do a combat class in 28 degree heat. A rather silly way to re enter the gym scene!

Lots of slothing around in my pj’s til mid afternoon…

Can’t I get paid to do this all the time?



  1. 1. OMFG I wanna watch Dawsons Creek straight through.
    2. The nannying gig sounded so awesome! What happened?

  2. 6 months til my summer holidays!

  3. Hi Joise.

    I’ve been meaning to leave a comment for ages! Thanks for dropping by and leaving one on mine. I knew you had been reading. Actually I know a lot of my readers, it’s just there are a few new one’s that have popped up over the last few months and I was just curious. oh well.

    I guess it would be nice to get paid to sloth around. Admittly I do a lot of that in between relief work here, seeing I haven’t had any since last November. I do try to keep busy though, with my photography and jewlery. Just keeping motivated long enough some days, is the hard part.

    Good luck with the teaching gig. I’ve sworn not to get into the catholic side of teaching, too complicated for me {I’m not cathloic either}

    Cheers Toni

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