Posted by: Josie | November 23, 2008

rental market

So I haven’t been on here much, but I have been very busy.

We have spent the last three Saturdays viewing rentals. From the nice ones in docklands (and very expensive) to crappy ones (the people hadn’t even moved out property and it smelt. I think they got kicked out..) to a few nice ones on Fitzroy st in St Kilda. We have decided the latter is where will look. So we looked at one which we liked and spoke at length to the agent.. We will apply Monday, so hopefully next weekend are moving into the city! About time!!

Um so what else.. Four weeks of school to go.. I am busy writing reports today.. Boo..

Next years job.. A professional nanny for now. I have it all lined up. Two children in Canterbury. 11 and 13. They wanted a professional tutor with a music background. They are going to pay me $30 per hour. % hours off in the day… I can finally go back to uni and do Psychology!! Yay!! If for some reason it doesn’t work I am still applying for teaching positions as well…

So that’s the news for now.. Not engaged. No babies. Not going home for Christmas. 2 weddings to go to. 1 in Jan (Dooley’s  brother) and 1 in Feb (Richard, my best friend)



  1. Hey Josie,
    About time for an update! I have also been really slack…. Glad things seem to be going ok, hope the move comes off smoothly!
    Thinking of you,

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