Posted by: Josie | July 29, 2008


Well didn’t get the job.

The chick who was in the job on contract, got it.

Fuck. Why did they bother interviewing if that was what they wanted..sheesh.

now I am applying for ongoing at awesome schools, and only applying for awesome schools, cause I deserve ongoing somewhere nice. It’s only when and IF I get desperate that I will apply for others.

Our life now will be in Melbourne for the next few years. Time to settle and do it right this time. We will be moving to St Kilda area next year, rather than where we are. Too far out of Melbourne. Ie close the the end of the line / Frankston!



  1. What a pain in the a***! The right thing will come up eventually.

  2. Sucks that you didnt get the job but…. think about it…. you dont have to live in a tiny little town in Tassie now! There will be a better job in a better school out there waiting for you.

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