Posted by: Josie | July 1, 2008


Well I am back after the weekend in Hobart. I crammed a lot into that weekend.

I spent time with Mum, going to Salamanca and then going to see her new salon. Liz came and did my hair. I stayed at Liz’s place for the weekend.

Rachael came over on Saturday  after a quick text asking to see me on Friday night. I love catching up with her. Nothing every changes, we still can sit there for hours and chat!! Awesome!

I went to a four year olds birthday party, with Liz and Jake.

I finally spent some time with Jake. Liz has been with him for one whole year, and I didn’t really know him. Scary how much he looks and acts like Dooley. Just a bit bigger!! 🙂

So I am now back and waiting for the big day on Friday.

Congratulations to Lex and Lauch on their engagement!!



  1. Thanks for the congratulations! So did your trip back involve an interview for the dream job as well?
    Take care,

  2. Hang on – just re-read your blog entry and the big interview is on Friday. Good luck!

  3. Wah! Hope the interview went ok! Thinking of you. We are in Malaysia having a blast.

  4. Hey,
    Glad to hear the interview went well. I’ve been busy job hunting this week as well, was observed teaching in two different schools and did one interview. They don’t tend to ask you so many rubbish teaching lingo questions over here – it’s much more practical and they want to see you work with the kids.
    Hope you got the job!

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