Posted by: Josie | March 28, 2008

Jack, 29, Ragdoll

Well it’s been a long time..

We went to see Jack Johnson at the Sideny Myer Music Bowl!! It was awesome. We had seats. I pity the fools on the hill.. (hey isn’t that a beatles song?) We could see Jack perfectly. John and Sare came too.. We had a great time. Just wished Jack toured more often.. And also wished my camera had batteries (couldn’t find the charger)

I turned 29. Sigh.

We are staying in the same place for another year. An achievement for both of us.. Two years in a row is unheard of!

I bought some beautiful beach/yacht/palm fronds/ prints to put up on the wall. If we can’t afford to move to the beach then the beach comes to us. It also helps to make the house more homey.. Also I bought another book case and a small shelf unit to put clothes in. One thing this house doesn’t have is enough shelves to put clothes on. nor does it have air conditioning. But I know I have grumbled about that before. I have been in major tidying mode. It took me all day to fill the book shelf. I worked for about 5 minutes, look around, get annoyed about all the mess, then stop and have a cuppa and watch tv. This, my friends, is the reason it took sooooo long for me. Now all our books are on shelves, not just balancing on the edge of our other book shelf. And our papers are either thrown out or the important ones kept and filed. Yes! Filed!!!!

talking about weather. It was cold here in Melbourne last night. I was so cold that I had my flanette pjs on!!!!! Quite nice now though.

We are thinking of getting a ragdoll kitten. seeing some kittens on the weekend!!



  1. Nice! Ragdolls are simply gorgeous, and so cuddly… ‘spensive little buggers though. Good luck with that! And wow, Jack Johnson. I’m jealous 🙂
    Do you miss Tassie at all?

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