Posted by: Josie | January 3, 2008

Back in Victoria

We are back. Thus avoiding the heat wave over New Years. Another one is on the way though. Grr.

Christmas was wonderful. Had Christmas day with Mum.


My sister and I enjoying Champagne!

me, mum and liz

    Me, Mum and Liz

dad, liz and i
Me, Dad and Liz
dooley and i

Dooley and I (Dooley stood here even though he hates his picture taken!)

On Boxing Day we raced around Hobart meeting up with Peter, whom is off on a 13 day trip to Japan. I am jealous!! Saw Melinda and Warren for coffee. We also caught up with Rachel for a few wonderful hours. It had been about two year since i saw her. The reason I know this is because she had never meet Dooley and our two year anniversary is coming up. We talked school, uni, gossiped and had a wonderful time!!!!

The day after boxing day, we drove up to Dooleys mum shack at Clarence point and spen two glorouis days reading, drinking wine and taking in the calm view of the sea from the verander!!

We had a belated Christmas lunch with Dooleys day a few days later.. Hmm I love having that..  Crayfish, atlantic salmon steaks, smoked salmon, sashimi, 300 bottle of champers,  a celebratory $850 bottle of red to celebrate John and Sare’s engagement. Apparently we are next on the cards.. If I am lucky!!

What else?

We caught up with Haley ( she got a lift with us to Launceston) and got all the gossip there. She is moving to Adelaide, so hopefully and drive there would be on the cards!!

Had lunch with the Havas in Launnie, at the Metzz.. If you ever go there ge the pizzas.. so nice!

Saw Matt and Jacci lots. Had a nice lunch with them and spend basically the next day and half at their new house!!! It’s a nice house. Had new years there.. Didn’t drink too much. Gasp! Shock horror! Play Shrek operation and the card game cheat!! Fun times!!!!

Dooley and Matt then proceeded to play the XBox and chat til 6am in the morning!!

Spent out last day in Tassie thanking Christ that we weren’t in Melbourne in 41 degree heat wave over new years..

Came back to a house still in tact. Yay.

So now I have a few more weeks, then I start my new school! I am excited, however right now am a bit hot!



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  2. You got me with your post title, but it’s Victoria, Seychelles that’s down the road from my place.

    Happy New Year, nonetheless!

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