Posted by: Josie | December 19, 2007

3:30 am

Last night, the before my last day with my students, I woke up at 3:30am. My heart was going at a hundred miles an hour. I got up, had a drink and went to the toilet. Checking myself in the mirror, I looked normal.  I went back to bed, lying there feeling my heart beating and asking it to clam down. I woke Dooley and asked him why I woke up in the state I did. He told me I had a nightmare and the reason my heart was going so fast was from the adrenaline pumping around my body…. Ok the reassurance from Dooley, ever when he is half asleep, put me at ease.

It took me a while to go back to sleep snuggled in his arms, but eventually I calmed down enough and I drifted off to sleep.

I am still now, stumped as to what my brain was telling me to wake me up like that.



  1. are you forgetting something? maybe you remembered in your sleep and it started you awake, only to forget what it was….or maybe you’re just excited about your upcoming mini day….calm down and don’t self-combust….it will be here before you know it.

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