Posted by: Josie | December 14, 2007

blah blah blah.. Christmas

I am guessing that facebook is taking up more of my time and bandwidth then needed.

Here is a run down:

All 29 reports are printed signed and sent home. Now I wait for the parent calls.

I no longer am employed with St. Brendan’s but now an employed the the Victorian Department of Education. I start next year at a school 2 minutes walk from my house. straight grade 5. Interactive white boards. I am going to have fun next year. Even if it only involves me being silly with the interactive white board.

I am hanging out for my holidays. No more Grade 6’s. No more mass. No more stupid graduation meetings.

We are heading to Tassie for Christmas at great cost to the budget. We will be back on 2nd Jan .Hopefully wtih some good pictures and interesting stories to tell..

Oh. We bough tickets to see Jack Johnson play in Melbourne in March!! HOW COOL!!!

Apart from that I wish our house had air conditioning. It’s so bloody hot here… Grrr



  1. here ya go….I’m blowing some cool air your way.
    nope that’s not spit, it’s rain. its almost always raining here this time of year.
    hope your trip is fun,
    don’t let the devils bite.
    Merry Christmas

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