Posted by: Josie | October 11, 2007

Blame facebook

for my lack of posts.

I have also started my fourth and final term at St Brendans. A bit sad, and like at every school, just as I feel settled in, I have to leave. grr. It makes me angry.

I am still looking for jobs and have applied for a few, so we just have to wait.

Dooley got made redundant about two weeks ago. That was a very stressful two weeks. Not knowing if our money could stretch if we need it too until Dooley found a new job. Luckily, he got offered a new job starting Monday, with a bigger company, which will not go bust, and he got a pay rise. So that worked out well.

I am over my flu, thanks for asking Nigel!!! 🙂 I hope that Uni is going well for you an Megan!!


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