Posted by: Josie | June 8, 2007

Mini Break

The other weekend, we went to Sydney for a weekend. Cause we can (it’s so close) and cause we think we deserved a break away.

So we went to Taronga Zoo, Darling Harbour Aquarium and the The PowerHouse Museum. We stayed in a nice little hotel 400 metres from Kirribilli House. We loved catching the ferries, and Dooley thinks that if we ever move to Sydney, he wants to be able to ferry it to work and live with a nice harbour view. Pfft. He will have to have a Very Good Job to afford that.

But don’t panic folks, we are Not moving anywhere soon.. Nicely settled here.. For now..

Dodgy shot of us

Us at the Aquarium. Quite fitting seeing as though we are both Pisces.

me with the giraffes.

A sleeping wombat. Anyone remember Fatso the Wombat??

It took about 5 hours to see all the animals at the Zoo. We also saw a Bird Show and a Seal Show!!

Standard Sydney shot!! 🙂

 Dooleys new favourite form of transport.



  1. YAY! Fun to see your Syd photos cause we are going in about 4 weeks! We have the zoo and aquarium on our list, plus Chinatown and probably the Bridge Climb. did you think the powerhouse museum was good? Went there when I was little…

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