Posted by: Josie | April 29, 2007


Well I haven’t been blogging for a while cause there has been alot happening. Last weekend we moved into our new home, a really nice two bedroom one year old unit in Carrum Downs. We now have a nice three and two seater blue couch. Very comfy. We also have a dining table (that I use to do my marking on, not to eat on) and a fish tank and a water-chiller, filter system, a new vacuum cleaner too (which I love cause it has a motorised head which make it soo easy to do – and I didn’t think I would ever enjoy vacuuming!! )

There is one BIG downside this though. We can’t keep Zali. She is not on the lease and I have never ever seen a lease with Special conditions in bold stating that once more we can’t have pets. We tried to sneak her in, the first night she cried and barked a bit. The second day we went into Melbourne for the day and she escaped!!!!!! She ended up in the pound for the night.. So $120 later and very upset parents, she came home. You know the first things she did.. went straight to the hole!! Didn’t learn a thing. So Dooley and I had a big talk about it, and much tears and swearing later we came to the decision that we can’t risk this nice house, nor can we risk having her escape again.

So we spoke to her breeder (just around the corner) who said that they could have her until we find her a new home. They are about our age and are stoked to have her back and she is with her real dog Mummy and is happy. I think that they are going to take her back… So that is one positive in this heart breaking situation.

We now have a fish.



  1. I’m so sorry to hear you had to give Zali up, and after such a short time. It’s a bit hard to cuddle fish!
    Take care,

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