Posted by: Josie | March 25, 2007

just read

So this is a post to say that not much has been happening..

We took Zali to the vet for the last of her shots, she is getting desexed on the 3rd of April. I have to take her and pick her up. She will hate me.

I have one more week til first term holidays. Hurrah! I’m not doing too much though as Dooley is working. We are trying to figure out what to do over Easter though..

We are looking at new houses to potentially move into. We saw two yesterday that we don’t want to. We are building up a list of places not to be, types of house not to look at. I guess it will all help in the long run. Jared has been good lately, but his car still is where it shouldn’t be..

Apart from that all is running well..


  1. she won’t hate you…give her love and cuddles and she will remember that. Chloe did. they never remember or hold grudges

  2. Hey Josie!
    Glad to hear all is going well, hope those 29 kids are being good. Thanks for the comment and link to my blog 🙂

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