Posted by: Josie | March 2, 2007

yay and grr

So today is a day of mixed feelings.I am extremely happy as Dooley just got a job today as a Graduate Project Manager at QuickSolutions. I am really happy for him and I know it ‘s the job that he wanted as it’s in his field of interest. He starts on Tuesday, so that is awesome!!!

On the other hand, our living situation has turned to shit. Yes we moved in with Dooley’s best mate, however he is turning out to be chovanous (however you spell it, he still is one!) pig, who is dirty and petty. He won’t let us have the dog inside at all. He is hypocritical when we leave thing lying around… although he does… He Never Ever Ever Cleans… He leaves his car outside the house on the grass, where twice we have been told by Body Cooperate not too… on the third warning we can get kicked out…. And all because he can’t be fucked parking his someone other than the grass….He has been offered other spots for it… Then he decided to rev his car at 7:30 ( a V8 mind you) so he is just SHITTING me at the moment. and I don’t like him anyway. I don’t even really like the house. It’s not a place that I would choose to live in…  I hate it. I want to move out… Dooley wants to but doesn’t want to pay double rent for a while. I don’t give a shit for my mental health!!!!

Work is going well though and I am now the curriculum coordinator… Much like an AST3 position back home. Go me!! 🙂 



  1. it’s just money, it comes back eventually, but something like that could ruin yours and dooleys relationship, and who wants to risk that.

  2. very true mini… I will keep you posted on things!

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