Posted by: Josie | March 2, 2007

thinking.. stewing..

While I am still on the computer and not wanting to to be living in this house or near Jared  (I barely speak to the man) any more got me thinking..

If you were with your girlfriend/boyfriend for three years would you move in with them. Now please..



  1. yes, I think if marriage is on the plate for somewhere in the future, you should live with them first. It’s important to know if you are truly compatible, and the only way to do that is to be with each other everyday, not just during fun times.

    that was just my two cents, and a lot of people disagree with me, but my marraige is good. been married now for almost 7 years, been with him for 11.

  2. Hey Mini,
    I am so glad of your input! Jared has been with his girlfriend for three year. We want him to move in with her.. That’s what the post was about.. However there “relationship” isn’t that stable and she treats him like shit.. ahh joys of a flat mate!

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