Posted by: Josie | February 10, 2007

Long update

29 children make for a very very busy teacher. Hence the lack of updates. The teachers at my school are really supportive of everyone and have made me feel so welcomed, it’s wonderful! My students are good, apart from the odd one or two, I am not having any problems yet. I have some great girls and boys whom help me out when needed. They are all very friendly, and I have met quite a few of the parents, whom seem very supportive. There are a few that I have to watch, but for now, I am on their good side.The curriculum for me, is like taking a few giant steps backwards.. I am applying for the curriculum coordinator at our school. I feel like I can put my EL’s experience to good use.Now, we have been to a few things lately,

Chill Island on Churchill Island.. It was a great day, the weather was a bit weird, hot, then rain hen sunshine.. lovely orange poncho’s given out from the drink and drive people. However the bands were awesome and Cat however stole the show. Last night we went to the Peninsular Lounge to see Bliss n Eso, a NSW Hip hop act, that we saw at MS Fest a year ago. It was small, stuffy, smoky and hot. They were good though. We are going there again to see Sarah Blasko next Friday and Ash Grunwald in March. We also can get 25% off dining when we go there before the shows. This is all 5 minutes down the road, so it great!One more thing, right now I have a crappy cold, including chest crap and sore throat. I am currently pumping the drugs into me so I am better for Tuesday nights parent info night at school!! So not much more will be done this weekend. Pizza and DVD’s tonight.Dooley and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Wednesday (7th). I think the time has just flown, which is great, and that we have achieved so much together over that year!! He bought me a massaging thing that can go over chairs and gives you a gorgeous massage. He also surprised me, by getting flowers and a card sent to my school! It was lovely and everyone was jealous!!!! We went to a nice seafood restaurant for dinner that has a nice sea breeze coming in from the bay!! 



  1. congrats on your 1 year together.he is a sweet man gettin you flowers.what was he suckin for

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