Posted by: Josie | January 23, 2007


We are going to see Cirque du Soleil’s show Varekai on 22nd August. A long way off, but hey we got great tickets!! This will be the second live Cirque show I have seen, the last one, Alegria 2 in Japan!



  1. we saw a show in vegas, zumanity. I liked most of it but it fell short at the end. I think this was the style of the show that it was though not because it was cirque du soleil

  2. Hey that is bizarre cause we just bought tickets today to go see Cirque du Solei here in Dubai, but it is the ‘Quidam’ show. we are going on Friday, so only 6 sleeps! Also got good seats. I’d be interested to know what tickets cost in Aus, just to compare. Cant wait!!!

  3. Thankjs for that…. Slightly more (about $25) here, which is what i suspected… Who cares! Cant wait!

  4. How is school going hon?

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