Posted by: Josie | January 16, 2007

An update

Leaving Tassie

Waiting in line to leave Tasmania on the Spirit of Tasmania II. Thank god we got cabins is all I can say! 🙂

Our house

The outside of our house.. pictures to come of the pool, which might I add, has been put to very good use! 🙂


This is a beach at Frankston, which is only ten minutes away.

Lots more pictures to come later.



  1. Hi Josie!
    The pics on your page are taking a while to load. Did you make them small files?

  2. Hey Lex!!
    I’m not too sure, but they load up fine on my screen. Good to see you still lurking.. Where are you teaching this year??

  3. Hey chicky taking awhile for moi also. Not that care! Looks good!

  4. looks nice and warm…not like the blanket of white wet fluffy stuff lying all over my yard. brrrrr.

  5. It was 37 degress celcius as of 12 am last night so beat that for hot! 🙂

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