Posted by: Josie | January 2, 2007

We made it!! :)

 Hey everyone! I am sitting in the Mornington Library typing this. We made it here ok and are unpacked and enjoying holidays!

The trip over was a good sailing and I am so happy that we booked a cabin! The cost of it now is no comparsion to where other people slept! 🙂

Our unit is good and our room has a walk in wardrobe! Yay! It’s a bit muggy here but we can now walk about 20 meters and swim in our own pool!! 🙂 This morning we were sitting out in the front rose filled garden when the maintance guy came over (he is 73) and started chatting to us. He asked if we wanted some lemons. Why not I say!

It’s also wonderful to be able to  drive to Safeway or Coles and buy stuff rather than having to catch a ferry!!

Um what else? I am not going on Centrelink til I really really have to. Dooley and I have made an agreement that if after 1 month after the school term starts I haven’t got 1 day a week relief then I go on it. Two days releif is the equvilent of the payments anyway. With the amount of schools we drove past yesterday, I don’t see why relief would be a problem.

Picutres to come tomorrow as I didn’t plan to go on the net today… We are booked in tomorrow for an hour.

Love to you all and a Happy New year



  1. Beautiful area …. but the flies down there this time of year are insane! 😦

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