Posted by: Josie | December 21, 2006


  We went to the staff dinner last night and the food was wonderful! Seafood for starters, cold cuts and warms pasta and salads for main and creamy meringue and to die for Evil Chocolate cake for dessert. It was a great night and I got some really nice wines glasses with “Best wishes B.I.D.S” engraved on them. I sure am going to miss this place. My kids yesterday were emotional, my grade 6 girls were the worst, and I know how they feel. It is hard leaving somewhere and starting afresh. Although I do feel a bit better knowing that there was no way that I could have stayed on the island even if I wanted to. I would love to come back one day, maybe in about 5 -10 years!!So now all that’s left is packing. The back of my car is full and it now looks lowered. There is not much more to go into cars so it looks as though we will breeze in with room left over.Another time has come to an end, however a new exciting adventure begins. 

Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe. xoxoxoxo 



  1. You must feel the breath of change in the air though…. I love change. Check ny blog for my new news!

  2. Merry Christmas Josie! Ya know, you can fit an amazing amount of stuff in a MINI 😉

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