Posted by: Josie | December 9, 2006

My feelings

ok so I am back after my whirlwind trip to Melbourne. 6am flights are horrendous. I hate getting up early.

So anyway, I hired a car. A small Hyundai getz. Wishing I was driving the mini that I will be getting next year at some stage. I drove to the first school, Benton Junior College. That was the school I was taling about who want to gain international accreditation. It’s only 3 years old, so it was highly impressive. I was in the interview about 3o mins, highlighting what I did with examples in portfolio. Thanks to Uni all I had to do was update my teaching portfolio. I gave one to them. They were very impressed by it! When I got out of the interview I wasn’t sure about how I went. It seems to be an elitst school. But when I spoke to Dooley, I was explaining what I did, and what they said (things like impressive, excellent and very good.) So, I here whether I got it on Monday. One thing is that the staff whose contracts were up also go for these jobs, they are not given to them. So, who knows. If I don’t get one, how does this sound… Drum roll please…..

I went to St Macartans, whom wanted to see me first for an interview. I dropped in my portfolio and spoke to the principal for 5 mins or so. She knew that I was going for a job interivew. She said, that if I don’t get they can offer me full time there. A mish mash job, grade 5/6 and a few ECE, but it would be in the private system, and seeing as though 40% of students are in the private system over there, it’s not too bad. I have to let her know of the outcome. Let’s hope she’s not just saying that. I know all about that (Ouse).

Kidzodz went ok, but really it doesn’t bother me if I don’t get that one.

So, either way it looks like I have a job for next year! I want Monday to come now.

I also proved to myself that, yes, I can drive to where we are going to live without getting too stressed. 🙂



  1. yay for a job!

  2. Thank you! I am waiting for the phone call from the interview… its painful..

  3. Thinking of you!

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