Posted by: Josie | November 29, 2006


Got my reprts done. One for me!

The learning journals are taking far far far too long for my liking.. grr. I just hope it gets revised and soon.

I am tired and run down as I have a cold. Dooley has one too.

Jobs are still being hunted. I want to tell you some of the places that I am applying for, however it gets reptitive and boring. I think it’s the same deal as here though. You get your foot in the door, do relief, then do contract work and then after what it feels like a life time of uncertainty, get offered permnancy.

I will tell you one school that I applied for. It is a school somewhere down mornington way and it is an international school that is hoping to get accredited as a IBS. The lote language in Japanese, so I pushed that. There were four jobs there.. But again I know how it works. Frustrating, but I shall have that foot of mine in the door really really soon.

Foot + Door = Job



  1. good luck sweetie. The hubby is also looking for a job, but not by choice 😦
    I have my fingers crossed for you

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