Posted by: Josie | November 3, 2006

After all this..

Dooley had gastro yesterday. The day of his exam. Grr. The doctor wasn’t on the island so he had to go into Hobart today to go the my doctor to get a certificate so he could hand it to the Uni. This means he will have a deferred exam in December and then graduate next year, mid year. He will have both degrees, but not officially on paper.

Its a bugger, but we couldn’t do anything about it. 😦



  1. Sorry for my late reply. It’s yukie.
    How are you doing? I’ve been busy with my work
    and other things! I am dying to go Australia but things
    doesn’t always go my own. It makes me really upset!
    But I’m sure I will. Very happy to hear Suzan is fine
    cuz I haven’t heard from her for very very long time so
    I was afraid her ill attacked her again.Please say hi to Suzan.

    i miss talking to you so much.. but I do believe we
    can meet someday. I’ll send you my blog again

    talk to you soon.

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