Posted by: Josie | October 19, 2006


So I get emails from the Victorian Education jobs website almost every day. Some jobs are not appropriate for me, so I don’t apply for them. But I have been applying for many many jobs. So many in fact the grand total since I have been applying (which was about 4 months ago) is 64.

Yes, 64. On that website alone.

Not counting the one interview I had whilst over in Melbourne and the one faxed the RPS.

I have tomorrow off school as I have to go to the doctor. Before you ask nothing is wrong with me.  The reason I have the whole day off is because it will practically take all day once you count in the ferry timetable etc..

I have a birthday party to go to on Saturday night. Looking forward to it! It’s not a big one just mainly “the gang” has been invited by the ECE teacher. I thought it was a funny reference though. I guess Camie (kinder aide) will catch on soon and call us the “scoobie gang”!!!!!



  1. 64? WOW there must be a lot of competition there. What kind of teacher are you looking to become?

    Happy long weekend

  2. I don’t know if there is competition.. But I do know how the system works… So to get my foot in the door is all I want.
    Also the area that we are going to move to has shags of schools where I can hoepfully teach. So picking up relief work wont be a problem! I ama primary school teacher.

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