Posted by: Josie | September 19, 2006

Ok so heres an update.

We went to Melbourne for four days. I had to drive (most of the time) including from the airportthrough Melbourne and down into St. Kilda. I am very surprised that we didn’t kill each other or yell and scream at each other.

I meet with one Principal who didn’t have any jobs for the beginning of next year, however did offer me a job mid way through next year, if I didn’t have anything. He was very optimistic that I will have a job by then but he said that he would be in contact. HE would also pass my name and CV onto other schools. One down, three to go.

We then went on to see Jared at work and then went back to his house. Jared is a really nice guy and I can see myself getting along with him well, as we have a lot in common. His girlfriend, Lis, on the other hand is only 20 and is well, very 20. I don’t have anything in common with her. We had a few drinks and went to bed by 9pm. It was a long day when we had to get up at 5:30am,

Friday, we had three meetings. First one at Our Lady Fatima, once again expecting a quick tour of the school and just a hello.. but No!! It was a real interview, walking into an interview room with the principal and the assistant Principal. Armed with two pages of questions for me they started. Half and hour later I was still in there, wishing they had told me that is was going to be a real interview.. They then proceeded to let me know not to apply for the two jobs as I just applied and had the interview in one. They will let me know via email ina  few months!! We all know how I hate waiting..

Stopped for coffee in Rosebud admiring the area and the beautiful blue green seas whilst thinkinghow lovely it will be to live here!

12noon and I go to Rye Pre School to meet with the retiring teacher and the coordinator of the pre school. I stayed for 40mins and a cuppa. You never know with that one. I will apply (as I picked up the package whilst there ) and see what happens.

Drove down to the back beach and here is a picture of what it looks like

back beach

2pm and a short drive to Sorrento I had a meeting with the principal at St Josephs, who is married to a Tasmanian and knew all the school that I have taught in. He was lovely however told me the reality that there were no jobs there however he wanted to meet me and will keep an eye out for me and put me on the relief register. He also said that my richness of my teaching experience was a brilliant and if he was looking for a class room teacher he would love for someone like me!

All in all a good four meetings., More to come about Jared and Lis later..

This is a very long post! sorry



  1. OK so here is the funny thing-I somehow thought you were in Canada. I don’t know why. I think because of Victoria. I finally figured it out when you mentioned Tasmania. Anyway it sounds like you had a productive trip, and some prospects for future teaching positions. Good luck. Sorry you have to wait to hear about that one.

  2. Hey Josie !!!

    Isn’t driving in Melbourne soooooooo much fun 🙂


    Best of luck with the teaching jobs…..


  3. Oh My! I thought Josie was in Canada too! Us USA Idiots… hehe Mini!
    Wow sounds like you’ve been a super busy girl Josie! I hope all is well today. Keep us posted on how the interviews went 🙂

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