Posted by: Josie | September 7, 2006

Dont you

hate it when you get no sleep (or it feels like it) and then about an hour before you get up Dooley starts to make weird throat noises and you can’t get back to sleep. So you wake up in a shit then get angry for no reason. Go work wishing you had more sleep and then get a lovely email saying that a principal of a private school in Melbourne wants to see you while you are over there.. So now that’s 3 meetings

All is good.. I just went home to get some recess and apolgised for being angry this morning.

Later that afternoon… I am meeting with Rye Kindergarten on the Friday.. thats four..

I am also seeing my old room mate Emily.. We shared some brilliant times in Japan (see Feb – Aug 2005 if you want)



  1. Sounds as if you are a busy busy busy person! Consider it’s always better to do than… Well Nevermind- Screw that! I hope you get a nap, Sweetie!

  2. you are busy! I hardly ever get any good sleep, only about five hours a night. except then I tend to over compensate on the weekends. 🙂

    I want to go to Japan!

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