Posted by: Josie | September 5, 2006

That good ol’ no weekend feeling

So in four months we will be in Victoria.

We are heading over there in the school holidays from the 14th – 17th September for a visit and so I know roughly where we will be living.

I have already lined up two meetings with principals over there, so you never know what may happen. Fingers crossed. The fist meeting is on the Thursday at 2:30om, we fly into Victoria at 11:30ish. Maybe a bit of a rush. Atleast Dooley knows where he is going over there.

We had the school fair on Saturday and it was long and tiring, but fun and my kids sang brilliantly!! We raised nearly $3500, which is a huge amount for such a small school. 🙂

On Sunday we went to Liz’s place for Fathers Day lunch which was a really yummy lasagne. I took photos of her cool dog, but left my camera there. She has a sharpe (the wrinkly dogs)

It feels like I have had no weekend though, so I am getting really tired. It’s also the last week of term, so we are all feeling it! Bring on the holidays! 🙂



  1. hello–I just found you through tag surfer, thought I eould comment. I read back a bit and saw that you test drove a mini. I just got mine about a month or so ago and just love love love it. I hope you get your wish. stop by and check mine out. 🙂

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