Posted by: Josie | August 17, 2006

Pictures on Bruny

Leaving Bruny

This is the view crossing the D’Entrecasteaux Channl from the top view of the ferry.

Walking along the beach

The view walking on the beach

The jetty

This is the jetty at the end of the walk.

View from our house

 This the veiw from our front yard looking at water



  1. Very, very nice….. Perfect Tassie scenary.

  2. Scenery? Oops…

  3. Wow those pictures look like they should be painted and hung in a gallery – when the skies are blue Tasmania is just so beautiful.

  4. Wow!!! Bruny is just so dammm beautiful!!! luv that place!!

    Also good to see you again. Good luck with the interviews. To be honest i think i have made a big mistake. Im really not liking it here and i miss my boyfriend and Bali life so very much. I havent even started work here yet but i just want to go back to Bali. so its tough going right now. Havent been inclined to take any photos. will keep you updated. Good news about Bruny for term three and the weather should be getting better there now!!!

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