Posted by: Josie | August 8, 2006


It’s been a while since I have said anything of substance. Here is a run down.

Dooley and I celebrated 6 months of being together. I got a really nice gold watch! 🙂

Living with Dooley hasn’t changed our relationship that much, (except he now sees more of my grumpier side – I can imagine my mum giggling at that) as Dooley has said it just happened really, didn’t really ask each other. As Dooley puts it, I said “I have a job on Bruny Island, you’ll come wont you?” Now I don’t really believe that I said those words exactly…

I still have no news on whether I am staying or going though. Bob has just gotten back from overseas, so we will see. Ben knows that I want to know asap. He would love to have me back here.

I have been looking more seriously into Victoria jobs, and there are a few about. I have applied for two at a Special Education School in Mornington, which is close by. You never know what may come of things. Flexiability is the key.

I am seeing Jacci, Matt and Wendy this weekend. We are all going to Tacos for dinner (Bring on the fishbowls) and then out for a few drinks. Dooley and I  as well and Jacci and Matt, are staying in the same hotel. I love staying in hotels, it’s heaps of fun!

Sandy cat was spotted twice in Smithton hanging out near my old house. Strange, it’s nearly been two years!!!!!


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