Posted by: Josie | July 25, 2006

The Weekend.

We got our xbox360! Dooley got The Elder ScrollsIV: Oblivion  and I got Condemned: Criminal Origins. Since then I haven’ played it much, and Dooley uses it as his “chill out time” when he gets back form Uni. It’s a good situation. We went to Deveonport for the weekend to see Dooley’s Mum before she goes to Qld. We went to his Dads on Saturday night for his Dad’s birthday dinner. The drinks flowed all night, yummy white wines and champers. The food was great. Seafood, including curried crayfish, and tempura battered prawns (mmmmmmm..) It was a good weekend, even the 4.5 hours there and 4.5 hours back wasn’t too bad.

We also caught up with Jacci and Matt for coffee in Devonport, which is always great! Their puppy sounds like a cat! hehe


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