Posted by: Josie | July 17, 2006

It was

just the wind… sigh.. It never came back… 😦



  1. hey josie, i am sandie, wendy’s roomate, need ur help if u dont mind concerning some lesson plans, pleasssee… hope u dont mind, i will send u an e-mail

  2. Hey Jose,

    Hope all is still going well for u. And I hope u’re having a great time, are u stay ing longer than term 3 or is that all? Did u get my email that I sent u when u gave me ur email addy? Shoot me one when u get a chance.


  3. Hey Chicky,
    I’m back! In Dubai that is. Looking forward to seeing you… Not lookin forward to the weather!
    Love Wx

  4. Jess: Its only term two I am here for.. Not long. 😦 Will email you tom when I get the chance.

    Wendy: Saw Jacci this weekend. WE were talking about when we can all meet and where. HObart is sounding really good..
    Will email you tom! Looking forward to seeing you to!

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