Posted by: Josie | June 24, 2006


These are some of the 40 kids in the school on the last day of Term 1 playing at the beach.

This is my classroom. I spent at lot of time in the holidays organising the classroom. Can you believer that they desk were arranged in rows and all desks were separate!! Screw that for group work!

All the colour you can see here is courtesy of me. There were no displays, of work done, no times tables, no colour. Have changed that now and the kids love it! Also I have added IN and OUT boxes to my desk (which was a pig stye before I cleaned it up and pushed everything not mine into the store room) and the kids love putting their work in and waiting for it to appear. I have also started an Automatic response booklet and divided them into three ability groups and they love doing it, cause they never have had that apparently. I have aslo made them a fast finishes workbook, each, so if they are truly stuck then they just go on with that. They really do appreciate everything! Ben (the principal and next door neighbour) told me that whenever he walks into the classroom there is a happy vibe to it and the kids seem enthusiastic about things! Woohoo!!



  1. It looks and sounds great, the kids sound like they have missed out on a little, u are doing way too much lol they won’t let u come back home. But it does’t really sound like a job, it sounds like u ar having too much fun to be doing work 🙂

  2. Hey Jos,
    Sounds and looks good! Seems like a ‘real’ school. Love all the pics.

  3. I love this job. he kids are still good.. getting more talkative when doing work now, but hey they are kids. And yes, I am having fun! but putting a lot of effort into having fun. I feel this job is important enough to put the effort into. 🙂

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