Posted by: Josie | June 14, 2006

Made it to Bruny

Well I am now on Bruny Island.. With no mobile reception what so ever! Also the TV reception is shit as well. Ironcially, Triple J is perfect..
If I drive for about 1 k, I get to see beautiful oceans views…. Pictures to come.
I meet Ben (principal and next door neighbour) whom seems really nice and I am going out for dinner with him, his wife and two kids on Thursdy night. Should be interesting.
We got a brand new front loading washing machine. Really good!! It was a shit to start with, as I had to undo ten ft long screws (well not really..) and take out these bastard rubber plug things, which I swear. germlins were holding them in, making it very very hard to pull out! Where is my man when I need him? Doing exams..
The house is feeling realy cosy and it is very warm. I had the best nights sleep last night, it was so dark and quiet, and I was so buggered!
I am all ready for school, I am pretty excitied about it all! 🙂



  1. Hi Josie, Annaleis here!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my site, I have actually seen your blog before, Marcus showed me while you were still over in Japan. It looked pretty great, and I might have to put that on my ‘list of places to go’!
    Congratulations on getting a job on Bruny Island, are you normally primary or ECE? or doesn’t it bother you 😉

  2. Hey Josie, all sounds good! Does school start on Monday? Good Luck!

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