Posted by: Josie | May 19, 2006

As luck turns out..

when I signed the contract at Ouse for this year, I only signed it for term one, with a verbal agreement for terms 2 and 3! As it turns out, I can no longer be employed due to lack of funding and staffing issues! Bugger..
I am now back on the round about of finding jobs. Am looking into one for term 2 on Bruny Island. I was thinking it would be ideal…. 14 kids, grade 4/5/6 class, I would also be teaching Music… But to uproot Dooley and I for 12 weeks and then expect to move back with Richard, would be ridiculous.
I am going to find out if it could be extend for term 3. If not, then no way.



  1. Bugger bugger bugger

  2. Het Jos…Remind me who Toni is, from Uni? She posted on my blog… Very confused.

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