Posted by: Josie | May 1, 2006

Hobart Uni

Ok so I am sitting in the Hobart Uni Library doing this. I have my laptop from school and Dooleys username and password to access this free internet! Yay!
It’s heading toward winter here and I am wearing a nice warm off white jacket to keep me toasty.
Richard (the flat mate) is good. He went into psycho cleaning mode on the weekend and cleaned everything and made his room spotless. Usually you can’t see his floor due to all the coke bottles. He has made the junk room into his office and generally has been in a great mood! He goes through stages of making sure everything is in its place. And sure I go through those kid of stages too, but not a psychotic as he does.
Dooley told me some good news yesterday. He is going to spend another semester at Uni getting a third major, while I finish of my time at Ouse for this year. He can either do his major in Launnie or Hobart, I think. Most likely in Hobart. His parents are all for it. I think they realise how serious Dooley and I are… So hopefully he can figure out the finer details and when Richard is in a good mood, I suggest that Dooley moves in until Christmas, as it will be then we are moving to Melbourne. Can anyone give me suggestions on how to approach him on this subject? He can be touchy sometimes, but Dooley and I have been on our best behaviour at home. Not that we ever have bad behaviour, mind you!



  1. Hmmmm… I genaerally go with wait for a good mood then hope for the best!!!

  2. Knowing Dooley like I do, I’d recommend having him round frequently then trying to pass him off as a piece of the furniture.

  3. hmmm.. what piece of furniture do you recommend?

  4. well given his predisposition to wearing hats and beanies I’d go with a hat/coat rack. his thin and about the right hight too 😀

  5. I hope you are Jacci are feeling a bit better now. We will have to all catch up in school holidays.–>

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