Posted by: Josie | February 21, 2006

The cylce

Ok, so I knew this would happen.
I apply to get Newstart allowance.
I then get four days of relief work!! All good. Both in private schools. Grade 3/4 for two days. Grade/2 for another two days at another school. So there goes my first official payment as I have ironically worked too much in the fortnight!! hahaha..

I had a great weekend this weekend. Dooley and I went up to Smithton to see the Newly Weds, Matt and Jacci. It was great to catch up with them. Lovely dinner at Sealers and then many many drinks at Tallies. And I know that they are both secretly (or not so secretly pleased) about Dooley and I. I then spent the rest of the weekend in Hawley/Port Sorell, hanging at Dooleys house and going for nice romantic walks on the beach!! ahhhh…..
My life, once again, is good. It goes in cycles.



  1. Hey glad things are going ok again. Thinking of you.

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