Posted by: Josie | January 18, 2006

Mini hens night

Jacci came down to get her top braces off for her wedding! Yay!
We went to Tacos for dinner and had fishbowl margarehhtis.
Here they are.
I have kiwi and Jacci had the Bright Pink one.. Strawberry and Apple.

It was a really nice meal. When then went home to get into our pjs and to drink wine (this is a tradtion when drinking wine at home.

The next day we did a few last minute wedding things. We bought some really cute heart candles for the bridal table and some lovely little heart shapped chocolates for the guests tables.. Very cute and mathcing with the theme of red and gold.

I am heading up to Launceston on Thursday..

Here is a dodgy self taken picture of the both of us!



  1. SOB…..

  2. I keep checking to see if you have wedding photos here yet…. Come on, i am waiting!

  3. I love these photos. It was great to see you for a couple days.


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