Posted by: Josie | January 6, 2006

Falls 05

For the third year a row, I went to the Falls Festival at Marion Bay!! Once again, it ROCKED! It keeps getting better each year!! The Dandy Warhols were sooooo good! Bands that I saw were (in no particaular order) Wolfmother, The Beautiful Girls, Sarah Blasko, The Cat Empire, Pete Murrary, Ash Grunwald, Hoodoo Gurus, End of Fashion, Little Birdy, Dallas Crane, Faker, The White Buffalo and also watcher Adam Hills (the comedian off Spick and Specks). It was a brilliant few days and the weather was ok, expect it rained on New years eve, which made things interesting and packing the tent up the next day in rain wasn’t that fun.
Here are some pictures. Once again, we got prime camping postion between both stages! Woohoo!
This is Rach and I. I know Rach from Uni. It was great to see her again!

This is our camping area. Woohoo!

And a radom shot of the main stage, with many people drinking!! hehe



  1. Hey Chicky,
    Good to see your pics! it’s sad when I keep logging on and NOONE is posting!

    Hows the gym thing going?

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for commenting!!!! The gym things is going well. This weekend we care doing another training session, then I can finally start shaddowing! Woohoo!

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