Posted by: Josie | September 2, 2005

Chasing Rainbows

So nothing much has been happening in Tassie. I have had a few relief days, but not many. I have been applying for any teaching position that I can. Get knockbacks from private schools… Understandable.

I have applied for a job doing half music half classroom teaching for next year. I hope to get an interview. Either way, whatever I do next year is what I am meant to be doing…
Here is a beaituful rainbow.. This picture is taken up here at Mums.



  1. I think that the rainbow shot was great and remember whats at the end of the rainbow, if not known, it probably my house. catch you later.

  2. Grr I wish people wouldn’t post as anonymous.. Now … whos house would be at the end of a rainbow? I have no idea?!!–>

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