Posted by: Josie | August 22, 2005

What is going on

Who feels happy with their choices in life so far?

I am happy in going to Uni, getting out of a full time job a Woolworths and becoming a teacher. I was glad to go to Smithton, to get some experience and to save money to go to Japan. I am very proud of myself of going to Japan. Knowing that I had the courage to do that. I didn’t think that I was that strong until I was in Japan.

But I feel like I am missing out. I don’t know what though. I see my friends, engaged, married, married with kids. They are happy in relationships. And I am wondering have I missed out? I am not sure. I see people fighting and calling each other horrible things, to the people that they are meant to love. I see couple holding hands, laughing. I see women storming off that have their boyfriends run after them. Do I want that? Granted I want a relationship, but I don’t want some of the crap that goes with it.

I want someone to wave a magic wand over me and make me see clearly what I should do. What my future is going to hold.. I really wish I knew.
Faerie Godmother, where are you?



  1. Hi!
    Sounds like you’ve been doing heaps of thinking… I think I did the same when I got back, it was all weird for about six months. I’ve decided it takes six months to adjust to all major changes in location 🙂

    About the man thing… you’re going to hate this but I believe that you are most likely to find That Guy when you are doing exactly what YOU want to do, are happy as you are, but still have your eyes open.

    Anyway I think your new blog template looks good!

  2. Dear Lex,
    Thank you for your comments! I know it takes a while to djust.. and maybe its cause I don’t have a job yet and am just reliefing..
    We will see… like I said Mum thinks I am strange, however am still going to apply in October when the forms are online!

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