Posted by: Josie | July 28, 2005

Flat out like a Hot Panda

Today I got off my arse and went to the Oji Zoo. It is well known for its Giant Pandas. Today however is reaching about 35 degrees, so its bloody hot walking around this zoo.

This is what I found when I reached the Giant Pandas. One dead Panda. Not two, one. I do not know where the other panda had dissapeared to. No, its not really dead. It does hoever looks like he is dying from the heat. I do not blame him.

Here is a cool tiger, just after a dip.

Some flamingos.

Koalas.. the poor things.. Taronga Zoo koalas have it made. These poor ones had to hug a tiny tree, with the leaves on braches that are placed in a vase like thing off the branch.

Til next time….

I know people do look at my blog. It was set up so I could get comments. What do people think?


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