Posted by: Josie | July 23, 2005

Flowers and contents of bag

Here is a pretty bunch of flowers that I got from Arisa, my kinder at Rokko Island.

And just for the hell of it, I emptied the contents of my hand bag.. here is what I found.

I NEVER carry this much stuff…
But here is a run down.
1) A small Snoopy hairbrush.
2) A matching small Snoopy mirror.
3) A nail file.

4) 5 various pens, taken from various Nova branches.

5) A packet of Nova tissues,

6) My small sweat rag.. used to wipe of sweat.

7) Green tea. Can’t leave home without it.

8) Two safety pins.

9) 3 Bandaids.

10) My phone.

11) Make up powder

12) Strawberry glitter lip balm.

13) Frisk (freshens you up!) breath mints.

14) Hanko (my stamp to stamp offical things)

15) 10yen

16) My fan ( too cool me down whilst waiting at trains stations)

17) My Nova Kids Name Tag.

18) Deodorant.

19) Bank passbooks.

20) My rail pass.

21) My camera.

22) My dairy (which is not in this picture but is small.)

23) Peter Rabbit Book mark

24) Toothpick with mirror thing.

25) Wallet.

26) Headache tablets.

27) M mp3 player

I think that is it.

It insane. I NEVER ever carry this much at home. Noramlly phone and wallet. Not all that crap.

I think I have turned Japanese!!!!


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