Posted by: Josie | July 20, 2005

More students and view from the top floor

Ok so here are more studets.. Meyumi, Yukki and Hitoshi..

In 6 months we have not been to the top floor (15th) so this is what it looks like.. amazing I must say..



  1. Josie,
    Your looking good I must say,
    But even more really looking forward to seeing you again.
    I have to be VERY honest, I have missed you (even though I haven’t admitted it or shown you that I have) I really have missed you and I just cannot wait to see you again, I have your contact details stored in my phone anyway for when you get back.

    All this sponsorship stuff is driving me nuts and i am loosing weight from stress, seriously it is getting to the point where I am thinking of pulling out of the worlds, the money isn’t there and the question is will it be there by the deadline of the 20th of October, it just hurts me so much, but not to worry i guess, I just wanna see you again, it’s been like ages so just to see you will take away that pain, that’s all that matters, family and friends, that’s all i need, so your one of them, that’s all that matters, stay beautiful (like you always are) lots of Love.

    “The Tank”

  2. Dear Steve,
    Thanks for your nice comments! I am looking forward to getting back into the gym!!!
    Yeah, its true, it feels like ages since we saw each other. I think it before I went to Smithton even!!
    Looking forward to seing you in Hobart sometime!
    Love Josie

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