Posted by: Josie | July 19, 2005

Sayonara Party

Two more teaching days to go.
It has been a big week!
I had my Sayonara party the other night, we went to an Izakia (like a pub) and then Kareoke.
bu tfirst here are my wonderful work mates, whom I will miss a lot!

This is Fiona from Newcastle, Australia.

This is Brett (bretto) from Christchruch, New Zealand. He is as old as Uncle Garry, and he was like the father of the place. It was nice to have that feeling. Here he is killing Nova Usagi after one of his Kids Classes. Can’t really blame him!

This is Susan, from South Carolina, USA.

This is Kevin, from Texas, USA.

Thank you to these people for making Nova life bearable, and for the many wonderful Kareoke times we shared!

My Sayonara Party.

Kevin and his girlfriendwhom is a percussionist, Rachel (from London, UK).

Bretto and I. Bretto doesn’t drink so he was pretending to be drunk!

The door to our Kareoke room.

The Kareoke room. Fiona bought several of her friends and family along. We ended up with 15 of us! It was fun!!!!!

It was a great night! I had to work the next day. Nova is good like that. You can get four hours sleep and still manage to teach a full day!



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