Posted by: Josie | June 25, 2005


Some thoughts..
I am going to miss Japan. Terribly. I now consider myself a “part of the crowd”. Which is interesting seeing as though my hair in natural blonde! When I see another gaijin I wonder if I really do stick out as much as they do! I know I do, however walking into a crowd of people doesn’t confront me as much as it used to! I don’t drink sake, although I have tried it! I drink Chu Hai (somewhat considered to be a girly drink here) and I also drink beer. I am going to miss the trains, the people, the exclamation of “Sugoy” every five seconds, and the weirdness of the mad fashion. I am going to greatly miss my new Japanese friends! I am missing however, my own language. I miss missing open space, the beautiful fresh air of Tassie, my family, my friends. I miss triple J. I try to listen to it as much as possible when an on internet. I get this weird feeling when I listen to the jays. I feel like I am home. And for a brief second when I take the headphones off and go to leave, I feel like I am in Australia. When this first happened, I felt really sad, but now that feeling has left… nearly.
Japan is great and brilliant and wonderful and leaving this magical place will be scary. I resolve to come back.
Singing a different tunes now hey folks.



  1. I am so proud of myself. Check out my blog…

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