Posted by: Josie | June 22, 2005


So I meet with Ryou again. As always we have heaps of fun! I am learning more Japanese too! Beers and kareoke is brilliant with a native speaker!
As I am now on the official coutndown, I am doing what I did in Tasmania when I was on the countdown.
That would be to put myself in denial! Again, I don’t want to know how many days I have left. Again I have made some brilliant friends that I don’t want to leave behind… Arggh whats with that! I am comfortable, settled in Japanese life and I go and rip myself away from this.
Remind me why I am leaving. NOVA. That is why.
I may be back. International schools are plenty here. You never know.
By the way. Where is LexOnline?



  1. Hey Josie!
    So your time over there is over, any thoughts on what you’re going to do next? Coming back to Tas is weird… also coming back in Winter is not that nice… get ready 🙂

    My blog is deleted – I don’t have time at the moment to maintain it.
    Enjoy your final weeks in Japan

  2. Dar Lex,
    Yeah not looking forward to winter!!
    I am going to enjoy my finaly weeks in Japan for sure!
    How is Tassie school life?

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