Posted by: Josie | June 18, 2005

its done. no turning back

So its done. Resigned. Had a very small feeling of saddness to leave the Easiest Teaching Job in The World Ever. But then got over it.
I really really am going to miss Japan and all the friends I have made!

Onto last night. Tell me how much fun can you have with a guy who barely speaks English and a can of beer? Lots! Last night I meet Ryou ( a friend of Yukis) for a beer. We both had Englsih/Japnese dictionaries so we spent two hours have semi fluent conversation in Japanese and English about music, educaton, weather and Japan! It was cool! A lot of fun and I was laughing so much!!

But now I am planning what I am going to do in my last week of being in Japan. My best friend Peter from Uni is coming over for that final week.


  1. Hey Josie,
    Well, you had a really good round in Japan – hope you enjoy where-ever you are headed next…I am assuming you aren’t going to go straight home to Tassie? I would LOVE to go travelling with you – unfortunately I am mildly broke after that last one. Anyway, good luck on finding a travel partner!

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