Posted by: Josie | June 13, 2005

fleeting doubt

Ok so I am now looking at a website devoted to all international schools.
Do I like to tourture myself with fleeting doubt of what I really want to do?
I want to find a parnter who will travel with me. Travelling alone sucks. I think that if I was here with my parnter I would stay longer..
So I am looking at all these schools.. Fiji Islands, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Bali, Hawaii..
This is the problem. Teachers can teach anywhere bascially. So, I know that I want to experience as much as possible, therefore confuse myself in what I really want in the process! I am jealous of Wendy, as she has found her parnter (now husband) and is teaching in Dubai. Allie has taught in Thailand and now is in Bali..
Arrghhh.. Anyone want to come overseas with me???



  1. Josie… maybe if you learned to spell you would get many more job offers :PP 😉

  2. ha

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