Posted by: Josie | June 8, 2005

Hemeji, Suma and Brad Pitt

I had a three day long weekend by organising shift swaps.
I had a friend, Brian come and visit from Toyama.
We went to Hemeji Castle. “The Bible” a.k.a the Lonely Planet guide book said that if you oly visit one castle, then see Hemeji. True. It was breathtaking.
Here is a short history for those who care to read.. click here. Its interesting. Please take the time to read it!

Here is the moat.

Image hosted by

Walking towards..

Image hosted by

You could walk inside the castle. First though, in true Japanese fashion, you had to take your shoes off.. Bare feet were ok.. However slippers were the go. I went barefoot.

Image hosted by

This is where the warriors stored their guns.

Image hosted by

The view from the 4th floor. There are six floors in total. You can see the town of Hemeji.

Image hosted by

I proudly call this my “tourist shot”

Image hosted by

There are some really nice garden next to Hemiji Castle called Kokoen Gardens

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

The next day we went to a famous temple is Suma I cant recall the name.

These were just as you walked in. They are little paper cranes.

Image hosted by

Walking towards the temple

Image hosted by

A samurai statue..

Image hosted by

People often write their wishes on paper or these pieces of wood

Image hosted by

And the we went to more gardens near by. This is the view from the restraunt. You can just see the sea in the background. It wasn’t very blue yesterday

Image hosted by

And last this is Brian. I ask you, there is something seriously wrong with Japanese females as they seem to think Brian looks like Brad Pitt or Jude Law..

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Brian Brad Pitt (incase you can’t tell)

Image hosted by Image hosted by
Brian Jude Law (again, just incase)


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