Posted by: Josie | May 30, 2005


So I have been doing more things recently..
I went to the World Expo in Nagoya. It was massive.. I didn’t get a chance to see most of the bigger sites, as the lines were at least a two hour wait. I went to all the countries epoxs instead. It was brilliant! The Australian one showed of some brilliant 3d animation and in the next room, a massive 12 foot long platypus! There were also slide of Australian areas.. Made me all homesick…
This was the view of Oceaniana pavillions from above..
Image hosted by

I watched a tradtional Mauri dance…
Image hosted by

I drank coconut milk from a real coconut and then proceeded to break it open and eat all the cocnut inside
Image hosted by

I saw the smaller robots ..
Here are some picutres of prototypes

The Woody!
Image hosted by

A robot to play with the kids
Image hosted by

And last but not least.. just outside.. there was this..
Image hosted by

Here is a link to the English site if you want to know more.



  1. Makes me think back to expo 88 in Brisbane. I remember that that was too big to see in a week. I hope that you took more photos:) Nick Shuey.

    I do have a long memory!!!

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