Posted by: Josie | May 22, 2005

Larks in the park

It started of meeting Yuki at the train station.
Here is Yuki…

Image hosted by

And here am I..

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We then ventured off to the Subway to find the free music festival called…

Image hosted by

It was like a mini Falls Festival and had the same atmosphere…
There were two areas.. a chill out area (much like the Bush Stage at Falls.) There was one act which was very hmmm… beatnick.. I think thats the word. Forgieners.. one guy playing a cool blues impro on sax and this guy reading a poem, sometimes even speaking into the mic through a box with a hole in the bottom about his lost love.. very interesting..
So the main stage was in the main part of the park. Now remember that parks over here are not the lush green one we have in Aus, they are dirt.
Some picutres..

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This band on stage was really good.. a kind of punky style band but the base lines were really good and the guy was a brilliant singer.

Image hosted by

And then just with weird enclosed jumping castles for kids…. Only in Japan

Image hosted by

And so the day ends with rain and me riding a train in the end carriage facing the wrong way, so I view the world from the leaving perspective, listening to Red Hot Chilli Peppers Greatest Hits.



  1. Guess what…. I am going home for summer holidays YAY!

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